Block Producing Node not Processing Tx Please Help!

Ok, I set everything up according to the coincashew guide. My Relay and Block producing nodes are both 100% synced, and my relay node is processing transactions like a champ.

Here is the relay node gLiveView:


And here is my Block Producer node gLiveView:


But for some reason after an entire day, my block producing node is not processing transactions. (seen circled)


I am terrified this means something is not working under the hood. The nodes are successfully communicating with each other (hence how the block producer synced at all) and there are no issues in any of the node logs and connection between the block producer and relay node has been checked to have been properly established.

Is this how a block producing node should look? I see there are 0 incoming but 1 outgoing and some sources are telling me this is normal, others not. Some sources tell me that the tx pending and tx total will not go up on the block producer till it starts being selected for blocks and some are telling me otherwise.

Can somebody please help me? I don’t know what could be wrong.

These values have been set to “true” by the way:


Please help!

Uou have 0 incoming connections
Did u add your BP IP+ port inside Relay topology script?


Hi Alex!

After a lot of digging I finally found why, turns out my block producer IP and Relay IP looked very similar and I accidentally put the relay one in for both, false alarm but thank you so much for the quick response!