Block Producer Node showing 0 Processed TX

Hey everyone, I have fully setup my block and relay node. With the Relay Node showing Processed TX: 383 (and increasing). However my Block Producer Node is not showing any Processed TX. Is this normal? Any help and advise is really appreciated. Cheers

The Producer has IN peers?
If yes check in configuration file the TraceMempool to be set to true; if NOT check the port in FW(if the Producer allows incoming connection from the Relay) or if u set the Producer IP and port in the topology updater script to custom peer (in Relay)


Hey Alex, thanks for your response. See attached screenshot from my Block Node:


I am also really confused if the HOSTADDR should be in my Can you please help to confirm?


Yes it is ok

Check from Relay

telnet Producer_IP Producer_cnode_port

should see connected

Thanks for getting back!

Telnet from Relay Node both public and internal IP is working though.

This is the gLiveView from my Relay Node:

Then try to open the fetch script created on Relay… to BP u should have the Producer IP and port added

On relaynode1

cat > $NODE_HOME/ << EOF

then run the script ./

then check if the Producer IP is present in topology file of the Relay

This is from my, can you help check what is missing?


Not this script, u should have another script
Step 14

Yes, the IP is there:


Then run the script and restart the Relay

if i also do sudo systemctl restart cardano-node, do i miss any block opportunities?

Nope, coz it will start in 2 min

I always get this error if I do sudo systemctl restart cardano-node, guess I just have to wait. I am not sure if this is the correct way to restart the relay? Also do you recommend if i do sudo reboot now on my vm? Or is there any disadvantages doing this way?


U need to wait for the node to start first, then u can run glive or cntools

sudo systemctl restart cardano-node is ok

Awesome! Done restart both just to make sure. Still showing 0 In from Peers in Block Node. Thoughts?



Did u ran the relay- topology-pull script?

Do u see the Producer IP and port inside the topology file (Relay)

Yes, i ran the pull script and I can see my public IP. See my 9th post. I cannot figure out what is missing.

Check inside the topology.json file from your Relay or press P in glive and check to OUT peers if the Producer is there

Here is from my mainnet-topology.json file. I can see my public ip.