How to understand my nodes are connected to other nodes and they are working

I’m new to Cardano and I was trying to deploy two servers on testnet (one producer, one relay) as instructed in coincashew I’m almost done but I dont know whether my nodes are connected and working properly.
I’m using guild LiveView and the processed TX number in my core node is increasing but in the relay node, it’s not(It is 0).
Am I doing anything wrong? how can I check whether I’m connected to other nodes or not?

You can check the Peers IN and OUT parameters in the LiveView.

IN: Other nodes connected to your relay
OUT: Your relay connected to other nodes

Your relay should connect to your block producer and other nodes and accept incoming connections from other relays and your block producer.

Your block producer should just connect to your relay and accept incoming connections only from your relays.

thanks so if my relay node has input 2 and output 3 is it ok?
and is it ok that my relay nodes processed TX is 0?

2/3 is ok.

If you configure the topologyUpdater like it is explained in the coincashew tutorial you will get more INs and OUTs.

TX 0 is not good. Are the nodes fully synced? Are there any errors in the logs?

Check the pool status on

there are no errors and my producer node is fully synced and its has processed TX > 0, but my relay node has processed TX = 0, I thought it was ok.

do u have IN peers, other than yours? If yes check if TraceMempool is set to false inside configuration json file

If this is the case then it was set to false to reduce the MEM