Second relay does not process TX's

Hello all,

A second relay of mine does not appear to be processing transactions. I ran some checks to expose the issue but I can’t seem to find it. This is what I’ve done so far:

  • Check cardano version (1.25.1)
  • Check cardano node status (live)
  • Check if env and topologyUpdater are identical (correct)
  • Check with (first relay processes transactions, second one does not)
  • Restart all nodes!


What am I overlooking here? Both relays should work just fine. Even if I look in I also see that the second relay has a red cross instead of a green check mark.

Help is much appreciated!


Check the last log message from topologyUpdater script

Also check if u opened the port 6001 for the 2nd relay



The log returns the following message:

{ “resultcode”: “403”, “datetime”:“2021-03-22 00:46:51”, “clientIp”: “”, “iptype”: 4, “msg”: “glad you want to stay with us, but please check and enable your IP:port reachability” }

The port stated that it should be open but a little test (yougetsignal) said it was not. I changed the port once more and now it shows as open. Weird.

A last check in gLiveView confirms that the relay is now processing TX’s :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response and help!

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I might have spoken too soon. The relay processes TX but still shows just 1 IN (the block producer) and no green checkmark on ADApools. Any ideas what could be wrong?

Yes, restart the node and check again in gLiveView (on adapools can take few hours till u will see green)


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