P2P Cardano Node not Processing Tx's (Please Help!)

I’m having some trouble getting a relay node I just created to process Transactions and I don’t know why.

I just set up a new Cardano Relay Node, fresh, with P2P enabled, and allowed it to sync up normally, and everything is fine.

But for some reason, it is just not processing TX’s, I enabled all of the tracing to true (TraceMempool, TraceTXInbound, TraceTxOutbound) but I still see no Tx’s being processed on gLiveView.

It synced up normally so I know it is connecting with other nodes and syncing up properly, but no matter what I have done it isn’t processing TX’s, does anyone have any idea why this could be? I created it yesterday so it’s fully updated with the latest versions of everything

I used IOHK’s installation guide and my Topology is geared towards P2P.

Can anyone try and help me out here? I have 1 incoming connection and 60 outgoing ones and my RAM is 32 GB so I know that isn’t the problem.

Are there some extra steps that must be done to enable Tx’s to come through and be processed on a P2P setting?

Here is a snapshot of my gLiveView

image (1)

Here is my node topology file (with the block producer node ip omitted)

image (2)

I’m trying everything I can to figure out why but nothing seems to work, does anyone have any idea why it might not be working?

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Did you already check if your ports are open?

if above glive output is from your Relay then I see that you don’t have IN peers (others than your BP)
are u still using topology updater (just to announce the node presence)?


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I checked if my port 6000 is open and it is, is there another port I should be checking?

Good point! And no, I was told that when using P2P you don’t use Topology Updater (nor the respective loop of it every hour)

Should I still be doing that? I believe you’ve definitely located the issue, what’s the solution for a P2P setup? And do you know where I can find the most recent version of Topology Updater if that is the case? (I have an old version of it but I need to assume it could potentially have been updated)

You must use topology updater but not all services… only push messages which are sent once/hour (if I remember well)

@Theoriginalchris1 I have this same issue, were you able to resolve it by chance? I don’t even know what the ‘topology updater’ is. What is this used for, what does it do? @Alexd1985

I did the same thing this week. Created new relay from scratch, enabling all P2P. Then realized I needed to use topology updater the old way. Then disable it and went back to P2P. Everything seemed to work well. I am concerned about my incoming. They seem to be pretty low. Anyone have any information on that? Full disclosure, i did not register this relay with my bp. Would that make a difference?

I am getting transactions, but my incoming peers are 1 to 2.

Im not seeing any duplex yet?