No Processed TX and No Mempool TX - traceMempool is true

Processed TX shows same value even though traceMempool is true, and relay and bp can communicate in both directions.






In order to get transactions to process you need some in-peers to send you transactions. This can be achieved by running topologyUpdater scripts like the one in:

If you run the script every hour you’ll get some peers connecting after a couple of hours. It also updates your topology configuration, so that your relay can connect to other relays instead of the preset ones you are currently using. Restarting your relay node after 24 hours to reload the new topology is the usual procedure.

If you’ve questions regarding the configuration, don’t hesitate to ask me (

PS: On some Linux distributions it is necessary to install a python3 package to run the script.

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The topology updater is runs each hour, the only thing was missing is restarting the relay, which I configure now and I did restart it manually, but same issue, Processed TX does not increment and mempool tx is 0

Check the log messages from topologyupdater script… for relays u must keep the port opened for any

Check the pool on

The port somehow was filtered but now is open, Processed TX are incrementing and mempool as well, howeverI am getting the following errors.

{ "resultcode": "403", "datetime":"2021-06-17 08:51:59", "clientIp": "IP", "iptype": 4, "msg": "glad you want to stay with us, but please check and enable your IP:port reachability" } r
with the following warning:
Relay node IP:port i has unexpected status “not reachable” on topologyUpdater
warn Relay node IP:port is missing in [topology.json],

More info, regarding, the CNODE_HOSTNAME var is set to the domain of the relay (same vm) and CUSTOM_PEERS=“adaproducer…com,PORT,1”.

Check if the relay port is opened here

The port is open.

What is the ticker?

the ticket CCYT

Ok, now should be fine, how many IN peers has the relay?

it says 2, when I go to peers analysis the RTT in front of the BP IP is 0, is this correct?

Yes, it is correct, if u will press I u will see the reason

And regrading the last warning with, how to fix this?
By the way thanks for your quick response.

Just wait more time

Hi, more less how much time I need to wait to see the relay on the topology, because until it still didn’t happen.

I don’t know how much will take but if the relay has IN peers and TX processed then everything is fine, u should not worry about

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