No TX since HF update


Since the update for the HF we´ve lost all TXs in our BP. It continues to be connected to our relay but it seems it is not receiving any data.

Captura de ecrã 2020-12-18, às 16.31.19

Using netstat -at the connections to our relay appear as established but we don´t see any TXs being processed in gLiveView. Our relays on the other hand are processing TX but all the “OUT” peers (including our BP) appear as unreachable.

Any ideas on what could be happening?

Thanks in advance

Did you upgrade your node and relays to 1.24.2? That was mandatory to support the upgraded chain

Yes, we have them running version 1.24.2

It seems the issue is on Relay node:

-check your topology file from your relay and check if other nodes including your BP are there. if not check your topology updater script, if yes restart the relay

Hey @Alexd1985 thanks for your help. I´ve just checked and yes my BP and the other relays are in our topology.json file. However, I’ve just noticed my relay is running cardano-node v.1.24.2 but on ghc 8.6 version. Could that be the issue? I’ll be running another build of the cardano-node and hopefully it fixes the issue.

On BP is the same ghc version?
Did you modified something recently?
Env file pointing correctly to topology.json file?
Try to restart the node

Topologyupdater should run once/hour… when was the last time when it ran?

Your relays are present here?

I’ve reinstalled cardano-node in my relay and it is now running on ghc version 8.10 as it should, but we still don’t have any TX processed in our BP.

Yes, we’ve been updating our relay once an hour. The latest logs we have are returning code 204, so it should be recognized by the chain, and we are currently processing transactions. However, oddly enough our relays are not present in the list we’ve shared.

Then check … on BP in cntools… pool → show and check the result… I asked you if you modified something coz on you have 2 relays… and both are down

Also check your metadata…

Check my post about