Relays are not processing transactions after 1.29.0 upgrade


I have a slight problem with my relays after the 1.29.0 update.
It seems that it was initially working with tip node and reference all okey, an processed TX.
But then the relays are losing in/out peers over time and eventually lags around 8/9 in/out peers.

I try to restart the nodes but they work for the first minute then they go out of sync.

Any help would be much appreciated before the HFC.


Screenshot from 2021-09-11 15-37-17

Please check your logs if the node is restarting. Also, check for any errors. How much RAM do you have?

Hey @mcrio. Thanks for the reply. I have 16 GB RAM and the topology updater is not syncing because of incorrect block slot

Any errors in the logs? journalctl --unit=cardano-node -n 250 | grep -i Error

Also check how much uptime you have, whether the service may be restarting: systemctl status cardano-node

Yeah getting a couple of errors…

Please verify the time on your server is correct.

Also check this if you haven’t already:

Yeah I have Chrony set up. thanks!

Yeah the time seems correct. Its weird… I have been trying to figure it out, but seems like the peers seem to be dropping off. Maybe the topology updater is not functioning properly for me?

According to the error it seemed like your server time is lagging behind… It’ll fail even if its 10sec off…

Screenshot from 2021-09-11 22-00-20

Yeah the tip node and ref is a bit off, defo lagging behind

Please verify again if the system time is good.

What does chronyc tracking output?

Screenshot from 2021-09-11 22-11-17

According to chrony documentation:

I assume you have a system clock issue. Try resolving chrony or try manually syncing time from an NTP server and see if that will do it.

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thanks @mcrio ! I will try that and see if it fixes the issue.