Processed Tx: 0 on producer node

I thought I had my pool all running normally, but I just noticed that Processed Tx: is 0 on my producer node. This number is regularlyr increasing on my relays. Is this normal for a producer node? If not, any ideas what I should look for to troubleshoot?

No, that’s not right. I had a similar problem. You don’t have an “in” peer. I had the same problem and I had just typed the IP address of my BP wrong in my relay topology. Double check that. Otherwise confirm your ports etc.

once you get it working right the TXs will increase on both relay and BP.


This may be relates to New node - No TX processing and Uptime not incrementing?

How did you install gLiveView if I may ask? Do you see the prometheus metrics?

curl -s | sort

Thanks! I didn’t realize I was supposed to have any “in” peers for the producer. I thought the producer only made outgoing connections to my relay and I had blocked all incoming ports out of paranoia. I opened up my Cardano port from my relays on the internal network where my relay is and I now see the incoming peer from my relay and I see the TX and mempool TX/Bytes numbers increasing.

IN peers are for outgoing traffic… no IN peers then BP can’t send the BLOCKS outside to the network