TXs processed - producer node

Good morning All!

My relay node (liveview) shows correct incrementing numbers of Tx processed.
What is the normal behaviour for the producer (liveview) Tx processed?
Should it increment also?
Right now it shows 0 and I’m unsure if that is correct?

Thanks for your help


So, I have been chatting with a few people…
I’m using the native LiveView for both my relay and block node which are both running on the same server, 2 different VMs, same public IP.
my relay has 4 peers so far.
relay TXs processed incrementing
topology for both is ok
ufw for both is ok
relay node is “online”
prod node in sync with relay node

still the liveView of the prod node returns TXs processed = 0

I’m wondering if that could be because both nodes, relay and prod, are running on the same server, same public IP…?

Thanks for reading and in advance for your suggestions, if any…


Transactions on the producer node should also be incrementing, yes.

In a productive System, both nodes should not be running on the same machine.

You mentioned that your relay has peers. Your producer is connecting to the relay and the relay connected to your producer as well? Is there any error message if you start your producer in simpleview?

Hi @hanswurst

Yes relay and producer are connected to each other.
Also, my relay has now 18 peers.
Both starts without error message.
Yesterday night I was out and when I came back home, to my surprise, the producer LiveView shown 1144 TXs processed.
And it has not moved since… I’m puzzled…
I’ve checked again ufw rules, syslog and even captured pcap --> no sign of issues.

Also, soon I’ll move my relay(s) to another machine yes.

May I suggest to move the producer to another node instead of the relay? Now that your current relay/producer address is already publicly known? :slight_smile:

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I had the similar issue but I found out my TopologyUpdate imput was wrong. | relays-new.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io:3001:2
this was the original and below is the correct one.|relays-new.cardano-mainnet.iohk.io:3001:2

You might notice there is a space between 2 entries. Because of that, relay wasn’t able to connect the Producer node.
FYI the IP address is not a real one, just an example.

Hi, was this problem ever resolved? I have this same problem except I have my block producer node and relays on separate machines. Whats happening to me is yesterday everything was synced and up and running, all my nodes were showing correct incrementing numbers of processed tx and then later in the day my BP node froze so I had to manually shut it down. When I got the BP node back up and running it eventually synced back with the relays except the processed tx is staying at zero and hasn’t moved since. Any advice?