Processed TX is 0 in testnet

Dear all,

Good day.
Please be advised that Processed TX was increasing in gLiveView but when i restarted my node it stopped. All looks good. Can you please advise? Thank you.

Check if the Relay is able to connect to the producer

test with telnet

PS: the relay has no other IN peers

Yes, it does not get any other peers.

I can ping the producer from relay but i cannot telnet.

I use telnet and i got error unable to connect to remote host.

you must specify also the port

Dear Alex,

Yeap I did that also, its the same:
telnet 23

glview asks me to update it, do you think it is affecting the TX?

23 is the producer port from env (CNODE_PORT)?

I mean 6000, 23 is telnet port…I didn’t change anything and now after 24 hours i can see TX increasing…it needs so many hours after restarting the nodes to see the transactions?

Nope, but now u have more IN peers right?

I have 2 IN peers now

My topology json file is like this:

But in glive u have more IN peers?
U must run the topology updater script all the time once/hour

in glive i see 4 out and 1 in. my topology updater is running every 1 hour with crontab.

I see 2 IN peers, 1 it’s your producer and 1 another public node (that’s why you have tx processed)

Earlier when u had issues u had only the Producer as IN peers (that’s why u had no tx processed)

And something is strange on topology log… u had 2 messages with nice to met you even u had before glade u are staying with us… wired

Yeah, and why i cannot get more peers? did you see my testnet-topology? It has an error message.

telnet 6000

what is the output?

the output is


Then should be fine, try to run again the script on relay

you mean the relay topology pull?

releay pool