Relay node syncing to core node but when I add other Pool operators nodes to topology it syncs

Relay and block producer nodes not reading each other in peer list


Could you be a bit more clear? Do your relays sync with just IOG relays in the topology? With the cardano-node on relay running, can you see that the port is open using this tool?

If the ports are not open properly, the nodes can typically make outbound connections but not receive inbound connections.

Port Checker tool (only to check relays as block producer should be locked down to only talk to your relays):

Follow this as a guide to setup your firewall rules on your relays and block producer:

Once this has been completed, you will want to double check your topologies as well as the command to start the nodes, particularly the --host-addr param

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Man, you the best. I forgot to open the ports on my server

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How do I run the Ubuntu node as a service?

running a systemd service is another animal - if you create another post I will address it there as doing so would be most beneficial to other users

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Thank you so much. Here’s a link to the topic How do I run the Ubuntu node as a service?

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ok I have you covered - post updated on systemd setup

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