Issues port forwarding and starting the nodes

I am completely new to building servers and running nodes, but I’ve always been interested in doing so and am willing to deal with the frustration and learnings curves to get there. Thank you for any help you can give in advanced!

Here’s where I am at: I have two near identical PCs, both have 16gb of RAM as well as 2 core 4 thread Pentium processors with 3.5ghz base clock. Ubunto desktop is flashed on both machines and they have plenty of storage. I was having issues using a VM to do both nodes on one system, and I had the hardware available to do two separate machines for each node.

I am following the Coin Cashew guide (Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew) and have made it to step 7 to start the nodes. I did skip step 6 to create the air gap while I experiment, but I promise this will be done before I formalize the pool and add any funds.

I created the block producer node on the first computer last night and started the node without error. However, 20 hours later the node has achieved 0% sync as shown in the below image:

I started my relay node a few hours ago, and it did not show any window like the above block producer upon entering “sudo systemctl start cardano-node” However, upon inputting “sudo systemctl status cardano-node” it does appear that my node is online as shown here:

Is this what my relay node is supposed to look like? Any ideas on why my block producer won’t sync? I have a feeling it has to do with my failure to port forward my router. Below is what I have attempted on the router thus far:

The desktop PC selected in the image is the one I am running my block producer off of. I have a feeling I am not doing this process correctly, which may be leading to my block producer’s inability to sync. Any ideas?

The server are on the same LAN? If yes you don’t need a PF because u will use the private IP to connect them…
For the producer (will communicate with other public nodes via public IP) you will need a PF on your local router:
all incoming traffic with destination port RELAY-port should be forwarded to the RELAY-IP in RELAY-port

You need to wait til the servers will be synced 100% before to connect them, so add back only the IOHK nodes inside the topology file and restart the nodes

You can check for errors with

journalctl -e -f -u cardano-node

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Thanks for your reply. Yes both PCs are on the same LAN; they are connect via Ethernet cables to the same router. What I am confused about is why my producer wont sync and also why my port is not registering as open at: Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router.

Could you clarify the public v. private IP? The guide states to configure both the producer and relay with public IP address. Are you saying I should try configuring one or both nodes with a different IP instead?

private IP - 192.168.1.x
public IP - type in google what’s my IP address

PS: when u will register the pool, inside the pool certification for the relay you will use the public IP

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Because it can’t connect to relay, because the relay is not 100% synced.
Add back the IOHK servers inside the topology file and restart the nodes

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