nami wallet collateral disappear

hello, I have a problem with my nami wallet, the collateral is always disappear, I have been using the nami wallet for 3 months and have filled 25 for the collateral.

Please help me

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I also often encounter this problem, I hope someone in the community can answer

First: Collateral does not disappear from your wallet. It is just moved to another unspent transaction output (UTxO). It is still in your wallet and this movement “just” costs a little transaction fee.

Then: If you use a Nami wallet with multiple computers (or with other wallet apps), they don’t know about the other instance having reserved this UTxO as collateral. So, they will spent it in normal transactions.

This goes as far as two Nami instances both “stealing” each others reserved collateral UTxO, while setting their own collateral.

What kind of works: Set the collateral with just one instance of Nami and then use it with one or several instances of ccvault, where in ccvault you also activate collateral in the settings. ccvault (in contrast to Nami) first looks if it finds an appropriate UTxO and will find the one set by Nami and protect it and not use it in transactions.


Or with pictures: This is a typical collateral setting transaction (initiated by Nami, but viewed in ccvault, because Nami hides all the details from you):

It is an internal transfer, just costing the transaction fee. 5 ADA are set aside as collateral in the first transaction output on the right.
(It also separates one UTxO carrying all the tokens with just the minimal ADA needeed to be with them and one UTxO with only ADA. This is a good thing, because it saves some transaction fees if I only want to send out ADA.)

I can now activate “Collateral” also in ccvault and it will automatically find (and not use in normal transactions) exactly this output:

(Outputs are named – not only in ccvault, but generally in Cardano – by the transaction ID and the index of the output starting at 0 and separated from the ID by a #.)

If you look at the list of UTxOs of your wallet, the one reserved for collateral is also marked:

Unfortunately, Nami only recognises the collateral UTxOs set aside by this specific instance of Nami itself. If you deinstall and restore, use Nami on another device, have set collateral by ccvault or another wallet app, Nami will not recognise this as reserved collateral and will spend it, move it away, reunite it with the other funds in your wallet.

Conclusion: Nami is a very, very suboptimal wallet app. It tries to make things simple and in the process produces lots and lots of problems that then need complicated explanations.

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okay thank you sir, your explanation helped me a lot, and I understand now where my collateral funds have gone.

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I’m having the same problem.
To be honest, I didn’t fully understand the above explanation.
Does it mean that the missing 5ADA are permanently spent and can no longer be taken back?

No, they never left your wallet and were always there. Setting collateral is just an internal management operation. And Nami just forgets, where it put it in a lot of circumstances and needs to put aside another one.

Thank you for your quick response.
I’m using Nami wallet on two machines.
In that case, do I have to reset collateral setting(5ADA) every time collateral setting is released?
And do I have to use Nami wallet on only one machine to avoid this problem?

Since it costs some transaction fees and is actually annonying:

I would only use it on one machine. (It’s no problem to use the other machine to just look, but not set collateral and not send out any transactions.)

Or you consider a better wallet app. ccvault or Typhon, for example.

OK. I see.
Thank you.