Nano shelley_testnet-config is empty

In the relay folder when I go to “nano shelley_testnet-config.json” mine is empty. It set it up with nothing in it.

When I watch the tutorial video he keys in Nano shelley_testnet-config.json and it’s full of info but mine is empty following along with him. Do you know where in the guides I find all this text so I can enter it and follow along?

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U can download from here


Thanks. When I go to that link I see it says:
You can download the configuration files from:

When I go to that link, I’m not quite sure how to pair them up with what I need, it says allegra, launchpad, mainnet, testnet.

If I click on “config” under the testnet line, I get data similar to what is in the tutorial video but it doesn’t quite match. On my 3rd line versus his in the training video it says “ByronGenesisFile: testnet-byron-genesis-json” at the top compared to his “shelley_testnet-config.json” for example. I nano’d into the shelley_testnet-config.json so am assuming that is the data I need for this file so it’s like I’m going to be copying the wrong json info into an older json structure?

And when I manually copy/paste from all this it doesn’t give me the same structure with brackets/etc. {

Is there a way to download these directly into the server without having to manually copy/paste them to have it fill out properly?

Go a little bit bellow:)


Thanks! I did that. I think I see where my problem is now, his shelley_testnet-config.json is an older config file and when I download from the link the new config file is labeled "testnet-config.json which I downloaded 3 times.

When I do nano testnet-config.json it loads and has the data in it.

Do you know how I can clear my relay folder and reimport just 1 of each or how I can get rid of all the duplicates?

rm file_name for delete files