Cannot locate: testnet-shelley-genesis.json file

I am in the KES Periods section of the stakepool course and am having difficulty with finding out the info regarding the signatures evolving and when I enter the command:

cat shelley_testnet-genesis.json | grep KES

I receive:

cat: testnet-shelley-genesis.json: No such file or directory

I have installed everything step-by-step throughout the course and the file is not in either VM that i have created for producer and relay. Any help Thanks?

Hi Nate!

Here are the instructions for downloading the relevant configuration files. They will be located in whatever directory you run the wget commands.

Your friend, FROG

Thanks heaps Frog. The shelley testnet genesis file name just needed to be changed around. The tutorial asks you to enter: cat shelley-testnet-genesis.json

When it should be: cat testnet-shelley-genesis.json

Simple thing I should have picked up on. Ta

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