Nataraya is giving you a warm hug

Hello to everyone!

A little ago I have mistankenly given a red flag to one fellow member,
made an explanation and asked to be excused, and say hello to the cardano team and the community, since I had not been able to realised that “the new Topic” is an entrya point to introduction (I thought that is an entry point for the smart members to present useful information, advices, and to open some IT discussion.

Now, since I have found the proper way, I would like to express my gretings to everyone, and to express my gratitude to the cardano team for the Platform I like and all their work they put in the project, as well as thanks to the polite Cardano community’s post with many usefull information and advices, which I enjoy reading.

I kindly ask the Cardano community members for the information about the approximate timeframe in which the ADA will be supported by the hard wallet LEDGER Nano S.

Thanks for everything and all the best success, in relation to the cardano project and also otherwise.



Hi @nataraya and welcome to the forum

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Dear Doskad,
Thank you for your welcome. I have read the Community guidelines, but I would also need some Manual for the features on this (or any other) forum (the purpose and how to use Bookmar, Flag, etc).

Could you please inform me where would I be able to get this. As you have probably alreadys guessed, I am one of the common people, the Community endavours to acquaint with the cardano project, and also the one with extremely poor computer skills.

However, I have decided to do my best to make things better.

Thanks again for your kindness and have a very pleasant day,



Welcome @nataraya :slight_smile:

Have a look here for some of the Disourse featurea:

Best wishes,


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I think this video tutorial covers all of the basic functions. It’s made by Mozilla for their discourse forum, but the principles remain the same.

There is also an interactive tutorial embedded within discourse for advanced functions, you can activate it by talking to discobot (a user bot account present on here).

Basically, you need to send a private message to:


You can send this message from your profile page. Or by clicking on discobot in the post below, and then clicking the message icon.

in the contents of your message you need to type:

start advanced user

After sending the message, discobot will start talking to you and help you learn “advanced functions” of the discourse forum… Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Good bot…

Thanks for the link.
Nice day and regards,

Thanky you very much for your much appreciated efforts to provide me with all this information. I will try to put this into the practice.

Warm hug and nice day,

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