We are listening!

Hello! :smiley:

We are big believers in listening and so value your feedback!

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve the forum, please add them!

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Echo @jonmoss’s post here, we really want to get feedback from the community on how this forum can be improved! :slight_smile:

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please enable users to delete their own post

also censoredship concern


Hello @anon97642430 will make a note of your suggestion and have a look - thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Hey folks … I think you may need to improve the aesthetics of this forum a little. It seems a little inconsistent with the other websites. I want to feel a part of something special and futuristic. This feels a little boiler plate. I think it undermines the vibe.


+1 on the improvent of the forum aesthethics. And pls also integrate the cardano rocket chat here. So we dont need to open so many tabs.

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@Curve @bleepul thanks for the feedback - we are keen to listen and learn and will be looking at your suggestions. Completely agree about Rocketchat cc @tom.kelly :slight_smile:

Create the following categories:

  • “Storing your ADA” for the multilple Daedalus and other Ledger Nano S related topics that are flourishing everywhere
  • I think it’s important to create right now a “Staking” category so that information can be more easily accessible than solely through the website and your updates. This will inflate and reassure what seems to be a high demand rather than indirectly extinguish it by not informing people enough

would be usefull if one could select (check box) multiple topics and use filter on them (latest, new, …).

BR, Jernej

topic = category

@jonmoss Please also organise the forum differently. There seems to be a big surge of posts written in Korean, which unfortunately I can’t read. Needless to say it is becoming an absolute mess, with the number of other languages coming up. Maybe add some tabs on the top with the main languages to choose?


Thanks for the heads up @CosmosX Pierre - we will take a look. The forum is only ten days old so we have a lot to do and will improve when and where we can :slight_smile:

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@jonmoss It might be a good idea to display someones registration date, number of posts etc. near the avatar. So people are aware without taking a look on their profile who they are dealing with, because in the near by feature, when this forum grows because of this beautiful project, you will attract ‘‘forum trolls’’.

@Adasthetics v good call Axel - not sure if Discourse can do this though… if you found out, let me know and will sort.

It’ll be nice if we have (or can create) sub forums in different languages.

Thanks very much for the suggestion… we will be looking into this soon :nerd_face:

@Adasthetics if you click on a user profile you get all the info you talked about without leaving the thread. Discourse has some really clever backend stuff to automatically detect and ban trolls! :slight_smile:

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would it be possible that you set the posted links to open in a new tab?

really appreciate your work, thanks!

Hi @AlienSheep :slight_smile: Sorry for the late response - I’m not sure if Discourse allows this… I will have a look!

Thanks for your kind words too.

They should have it under the Preferences menu…but from what I remember, this used to be a bug of theirs before. Not sure if they fixed it.