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A Solution to the ADA Whale Fears

How will the proposals be presented? Will it be a twitter style limited number of characters statement? A kickstarter style page? Or white papers? Abit concerned with the mass adoption making uninformed choices, the key will be in how you communicate and present these proposals to the layman. I read something on Reddit today about how 75% of the upvotes come from people that don’t even click on the posts they upboat. This really opens this system up to some level of abuse.



I share many of the same concerns as @BlueBaron. It seems to me that one of the thorniest problems with proof-of-stake voting is that it doesn’t take into account technical proficiency, but rather stake in the system. I would be concerned about a hostile takeover/destruction of the network, should a few well-funded actors acquire enough ADA to vote it into obscurity.


Yes it’s a case of how to deal with the monsters and the muppets :slight_smile:


Summary of my thoughts on the matter of governance.

Interesting, as i see it we are running into culture/interface problems.
We need the people participating in ADA to form strong culture that takes voting seriously.
I know a lot about culture and how people learn.

Culture grows best in freedom(liberty) and by incentive experiences(conditioning-western philosophy-/watching respectfully-eastern philosophy-) I think in regulating a system that transcends both cultures. We should try making a system that is open to multiple cultural ways of communicating. But still allows culture to become complex, and is not expected to follow the most general of cultural rules. Because generality commonly means ineffective in communicating ideas.
So that every human being, interested in Cardano, find way to where he/she feel belongs. Because when people feel they belong in a social context, they feel the relevance of these important decisions and will give the matters we vote about, way more thought.

Now the fact that ADA can be a financial stimuli in someones life means that it will incentives growth of strong culture. Because people become more or less dependent on the ADA system.
Think of a Bitcoin elite, that does not allow anyone in there circle that does not think like they do.

Culture is also something that can be hard to mix into. When culture is strong in certain circles, people have to learn all the cultural rules of acting in that culture. Before feeling accepted.
The feeling of acceptance leads to shared responsibility, and therefore, feeling of shared relevance. You need to catch someone’s attention completely, to make them a valuable member of a commodity.

So transparency, accessibility and ways of learning, are in my view, very important factors in how the culture grows. Transparent for everyone to see and learn. Accessible for anyone to be able to participate and learn. Leaning so that everyone understands the context and its relevance quickly.
If someone don’t match with the culture, guide them out, if someone does match the culture and can be an asset somehow, maybe just by spreading good faith and willingness, keep them close.
Culture is also a matter of good ethics. Communicating value’s of certain culture.

Things that I feel should be kept in mind when building the interface and communicating with people on this forum.


And where is this voting center?
Where are the proposals, and the votes?
Is it ready, or not?


In my opinion solving this problem will require a complex social network that can track and reward participation, contribution, and knowledge. It must be organized into categories and subcategories focused on submitting problems and finding solutions. A combination of influence and liquid democracy could be used to give equal voting rights while only allowing people who have earned influence to be representatives proportional to their level of influence.


You can see the outline for this in the latest update on the site: underneath the Shelly release.


Hey @AbelStonePatten. Sounds really interesting and would love to hear more. I’m trying to get a discussion group going here: - a more general discussion on governance ideas. But yeah governance is one of the most important and fascinating areas in crypto. I’ve also done a little Scala programming in the past, so will dig into Haskell to see if I can contribute to the Voting Center.


Thanks @reflexivity for the link! It looks like you guys are getting into some great stuff. I’d love to discus what I’ve been working on with you in greater detail. My work is really at the macro level. I’m thinking about how the big peaces fit together. There are actually a lot of projects that are working on different elements of what I have designed but I believe the real power of these projects will be unlocked when all the peaces come together in the right way. Governance is a very important part of making it all work. Up to now I have been sharing my work with people who have signed NDAs. I’m still working on how to launch/share/publish my ideas. Ideally my work could be integrated into a platform like Cardano that is already solving many of the technical challenges while expressing a vision in parallel to my own. The question I keep running into is: How do I share my work? For now I’d prefer to work with a small team that I can trust sharing my vision with. What my work really needs at this point is technical scrutiny.


When considering different voting methods, direct democracy, and incentives, I would really hope the development/design team, and the Cardano community at large would take some time to read about participatory democracy, and participatory economics as described by Micheal Albert.

In brief:

The key values or goals of a Participatory Economy are defined as:

Self-Management – decision making say in proportion to the degree one is affected
Justice – reward for effort or personal sacrifice
Solidarity – concern for the well-being of others
Diversity – the flourishing of a variety of lifestyles and outcomes
Efficiency – meeting our goals without wasting our limited time and resources
Sustainability – protecting and nurturing our natural environment

The key institutions to achieve those goals are:

Democratic Worker and Consumer Councils
Jobs Balanced for empowerment and desirability
Compensation based on effort and need
A participatory planning procedure

There is so much already written about this, and I think the ideas and philosophy could be tested using Cardano technology and voted on by the community. For anyone interested, please check out the following links: