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@AlienSheep Thank you :slight_smile:


What about having a 中文🇨🇳 (Chinese) Category?


Hey @Shunfan :slight_smile: This is definitely on our wish list too!


Hi there.
I’d like to recommend adding a Cardano Live Price Widget on the site.
Coinlib offers one. It’s lightweight, responsive and nice-looking.

Check out the 2nd widget here
and a preview in the attached image.Cardano%20Live%20Price%20Widget


Thanks @bobraf will take a look!


Would it be possible to establish a new category named ‘Daedalus’ because a lot of posts dealing with the ‘Wallet-Issue’ are spread far over the existing categories?
Best wishes for a great project, :sunny:


Hi @wo_sch Wolfgang - Thanks very much for the feedback - we will definitely look at this :slight_smile:



I would like to see a projects category added to the forum. It would be a place where people can recruit forum members to build something amazing together.

As you all know, the amount of participation within a community is a big factor in how strong its fundaments will become. It will strengthen relationships within the forum, increase participation in the Cardano project and build stronger support and interest within the ecosystem.

It would also help to keep the other sections of the forum clean.

Some ideas on a guideline for the category.

Thread title

Titles of the project should be clear and concise, and it would be a good idea to add a [slots filled/slots available] indicator in the title to make it easier for members to find a project where they are still looking for a helping hand. If the project has found enough members the indicator could be [full], and when the project is finished we could use [complete].

We would then end up with a nice list of community projects that would serve as a reference (at least untill someone creates something like Cityofzion.io like the community of Neo has done, hell, you can add it to the projects category to build something similar :wink:).

Post content

I think it would make sense to create a sort of template for the content of a project post to keep things organised. It should include what skillset you are looking for in the team. Which slots are filled and who is responsible.

There should be a good description of what your project is about.

It would be wise to include a link of a preferred communication channel like slack or gitter.

Example of a project post

[2/5] Community blockchain explorer

[Developer] @CosmosX
[Graphic designer] open
[Marketing specialist] open
[Motion designer] open
[Website moderator] @tom.kelly

Myself and a developer are currently working on an independent, community built Cardano block explorer. We’d like to push the envelope here and really rethink the roll of a chain explorer in the context of ecosystem growth and adoption. (i.e. not just a tool for computer geeks to check the hashrate)

We’re looking to work with people who have an interest in shaping this product and growing the ecosystem by building quality tools. If you’d like to help, get in touch.

Communication channel: Gitter channel

What does everyone think about a projects category, I would love to hear your input on this :slightly_smiling_face:.

Cheers guys


+1 @Bullishdong
Maybe @MegaWind @werkof @ADALove would like to chip in too :smiley:


Good morning @Bullishdong :slight_smile:

Loving this project idea and really appreciate the input as we always do :sunglasses:

Let Tom @tom.kelly and @maki.mukai have a quick chat about it and we’ll get right back to you…

Speak soon!

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