Nathan Kaiser Talks Blockchain in Asia and Beyond @Asia Blockchain Summit

Nathan Kaiser (@Nathan_Kaiser) Talks Blockchain in Asia and Beyond @Asia Blockchain Summit

An Interview with Eric Ma, Community Manager of CoinMarketCap.

Nathan Kaiser, Chairperson of the Cardano Foundation, had an interview with Eric Ma, Community Manager of CoinMarketCap, on the sidelines of the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei. At the gathering in the Taiwanese capital, Nathan participated in a panel discussing about designing compliance in relation to sanctions, AML and custody.

The informal interview lasting 20 minutes touched up important questions for blockchain industry and regulations in Asia and beyond.

In his interview responses, Nathan argued that rigorous academic research should be conducted to grow this young and yet-to-mature but fast-changing blockchain industry into a more transparent and healthy way.

When asked for advice to the regulators, Nathan suggested that watchdogs should broaden their vision to oversee the fields and areas that blockchain has an impact on.

Watch the full interview by clicking the link below and learn about the Cardano Foundation Chairperson’s opinion and his vision for Asia’s blockchain industry.

Watch the full video.


Nathan Kaiser will deliver the keynote speech at the World Blockchain Summit in Singapore focusing on the contemporary developments in the blockchain industry in Asia and beyond.

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I really liked the content about blockchain, the flight to quality and US compliance. I feel like he missed an opportunity to talk more about the Cardano Foundation. As the Cardano roadmap continues to progress, every answer to a question should be supported by an example like this… “At the Cardano Foundation we are thinking about that opportunity in this manner…

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