Need Help Developing an NFT Collection to benefit a NonProfit

I’m seeking conceptual and development help with a collection that I’m working on for a non-profit called JOY International. JOY rescues children from human traffickers all over the world, and the collection is intended to raise awaremess and fund their rescue/rehab operations.

I think this community will appreciate a collection with a purpose, backed by a reputable organization. Considering the subject matter, it’s pretty obvious this collection should be on the Cardano blockchain.

To be transparent, I’m donating all of my time to this effort, so I’m not asking for help to put money in my own pocket. Any money raised by this endeavor will be used by JOY to save lives and end suffering, that’s why I’m just putting it out there and and asking for help. It’s not about me.

Payment for your services could be arranged. I’m just desperate to make this happen.

I want to be sure I don’t make any mistakes or miss any current or future opportunities for JOY International when creating this collection.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the capacity to fully understand how the programming of an NFT or collection is done, all I can provide is the artwork, which is pretty cool as far as NFT collectibles go.

I’m looking for anyone willing to help me make this collection a slam dunk, I could really use an ally in the Cardano development game. Someone who can offer guidance or understanding on a few things would be amazing. Most of my questions at the moment are conceptual, having to do with the code and what is possible.

Thanks for your consideration.