Need help in building transaction

Hi guys, i need help with building a transaction for my nft in testnet.

cardano-cli transaction build-raw
–fee $fee --tx-in $txhash#$txix
–tx-out $address+$output+"$tokenamount $policyid.$tokenname"
–mint="$tokenamount $policyid.$tokenname"
–minting-script-file $script
–metadata-json-file metadata.json
–invalid-hereafter $slotnumber
–out-file matx.raw
option --fee: cannot parse value `–tx-in’

Can anyone help? I already define the --tx-in with the tx hash and txIx

Hi voltron,

Try the following

–tx-in $TxHash"#"$TxIn

this should work.

Good luck with your nft project :slight_smile: