Need help with 1.33.0

I have updated my node and most are good and dandy (Thanks to Alex for simplifying the process) Everything were sync (took around 4 hours) but the “BLOCK PROPAGATION” section on the GLiveView still showing all 0s while all my other relay nodes showing data. Does anyone know what happened? this is on my BP node. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

You’re on a strange commit ID. The commit ID for 1.33.0 should be 814df2c146f5d56f8c35a681fe75e85b905aed5d

Your view is showing e9de7a2c. Where did you get this build?

Hi @Gachi_Pool and @weebl2000

I do have the same id e9de7a2c and block propagation data are fine on my side.
I see your node is receiving transactions, Id say your node is fine.

You might want to restart the node and see if block propagation data kicks in…?

let us know,


Thank you both weebl2000 and stiiiif for your respond. I have tried to reboot the server, restart the node and everything but it doesn’t seem to budge. Everything else are running ok it just that this one shown differently so I got curious.

Do you have tracemem set to false?