NEW 2nd Gen Stake Pool NOWgrantsARTISTS

Hello Cardano Community!

I am introducing a new pool called NOWgrantsARTISTS (NOW). I am structuring NOW to evolve into a decentralized pool, which will end up donating 100% of its profits to emerging artists and art organizations. My intentions are to have delegators vote on prospective grantees. The NOW pool is implementing a symbiotic marketing strategy whereby its publications will organically weave the general public into the Cardano ecosystem. I believe Cardano’s backbone of equity will help us to navigate through this financial inversion with the highest integrity, and I want NOW to help with this process.

I will need help with this project to take it to the next level. As Goguen and Voltaire launch I will need to apply some of its assets for implementing a voting system for delegators to choose proposals and marketing directions. I am a professional artist, professor, social advocate, and gallery owner. I have a diverse set of skills to create a successful pool, however I need technical guidance to transform NOW into a revolutionary resource of philanthropic outreach.

Just as Charles and his team are taking their time to do things the right way, I want to do the same with the NOW pool. If you have a few minutes to head to my website, and offer me any constructive feedback I would be greatly appreciative. If you work for Cardano, IOHK, or Emurgo, I would also love to see how I can alter my approach to better fit within the future of this project.

Peace to you all and thanks for being such a supportive community!
Rocky Lewycky

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