New article: How secure is Cardano?

Hi everyone! I just published a new Medium article on Cardano titled “How secure is Cardano?”. It’s my longest Medium article to date. I’m hoping it will really help some people get educated about the security model of Cardano’s settlement layer, how Ouroboros works, why it is considered to be equally secure as Bitcoin based on the mathematical proofs, how it improves on the security model of other PoS cryptocurrencies on the market and how a hypothetical 51% attack on Cardano would work.

Many thanks go out to @vantuz-subhuman and @emurgo_nico for their feedback! :pray:t2:

PS: Unfortunately, sending the draft of this article to someone on Twitter via a DM got me an automated Twitter suspension, as my message seems to have triggered a spam-filtering algorithm. Maybe someone else can share it on Twitter?

Edit: @timsahabutdinov also translated the article into Russian. :clap:t2:


Done and done.
Edit: Yet I think the more times it is tweeted the better, so hopefully others will also tweet this for you.

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Awsome thank you!!

I’ve always wondered if there’s someone well organized and funded enough (e.g. a state actor perhaps) that is redoing the work of the actual longest chain on bitcoin, and though they may be behind in the work performed, they are hoping mining becomes less and less profitable or nears the ‘end’, whenever that ‘end’ is in the future, more miners drop off and eventually they catch up and exceed the mining power of whatever’s left in play… such a move could destroy bitcoin. Chances are probably infinitesimal of this ever occurring, but it’s a thought :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys, glad you liked it!

The article is now also featured on Medium’s cryptocurrencies topic, which usually means it’s also being included in personal recommendations and mailing lists. Looks like it could gain some views from outside the Cardano community as well: “Curators have selected your story to share with readers in the Medium app, homepage, email digest, and more.” :ok_hand: