Stepping back as a Cardano content creator ambassador

I’ll keep it short here and just refer to this Medium article in which I explain my choice to stop writing Medium articles for now, which means I’m also stepping back from being a Cardano content creator ambassador. Since some of you follow me for my Cardano articles and I figure some people might wonder why I’ll no longer be listed as a Cardano Ambassador I’m also posting it here. Just to be sure; I’ll still be following Bitcoin and Cardano like I currently was, but will just be active on my Twitter account for now. See you around! :v:


We are going to miss your writing, thanx for the time you have put into the articles you have published.
Good luck on your next chapter in life!


Hi @Undersearcher,

You published amazing work and I can only hope that the “writing gods” will nag you just enough after the launch of Shelley. That is my wishful thought for tonight.

Enjoy your time with your clan. You’re right to sit aside and watch them grow. It is fast - and that is quite a euphemism.

Your French translator :wink:


Hi @Undersearcher
Thanks a lot for your effort and contribution. Just to let you know that part of your work was translated into spanish

See you around! :blush:


@CardanoCastellano your work to translate all things cardano are not going unnoticed, good job! I hope the Spanish speaking community benefits greatly through what you are doing! Undersearcher’s articles make for some good entertaining reading and I am glad to see your willingness to share the content in Spanish. :+1:

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Sorry for the late reply, but thanks! I just added the links to your translations underneath the original article. :v:t2:


Hi Haskell-plus
Sorry for the delay.
Thanks, your words are highly appreciated. Proud of having the chance to help the community and translate the words of such clever minds. As Charles mentioned, hispanic population is actively looking for solutions for their problems. Hope we can reach as many of the 200 million hispanic people as possible .:yum:

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