New to the Cardano Community, followed crypto 10 years

Hi guys!

My name is Rich. I’m located in the NYC area and 25 years old. I have been following BTC since 2011, and ETH since I was informed about the pre-sale by Joe Lubin in 2014. I used to attend the Bitcoin Exchange on Wall street while it was operational. I have a bachelors degree in Sociology with dual minors in both Business and Psychology I got in 2016. I have been a professional software developer since 2019, after learning to code starting in 2017. I have always been fascinated in technology, and have had a passion for personal finance and investing since an early age. Naturally, I was drawn to the blockchain industry as a result.

A few months ago, I learned more about Cardano and my interest was immediately piqued. I have investigated it further and the more I learn the more I love!

In recent months I have launched a Youtube Channel titled “Rich G - Insights” that follows my viewpoint on various news and other perspectives related to finance and technology. Cardano is one of my favorite topics to discuss on there, so if you are interested feel free to give me a sub!

The main reason I am introducing myself today is I would like to get more involved with the community and help build something impactful for the Cardano ecosystem. I am in the early stages of learning Solidity, and have worked with web3.js in the past as well as making very modest open source contributions to projects like Metamask, Truffle, and the Remix IDE (mostly just fixing typos as I learn to navigate the codebase in full disclosure).

I look forward to getting to know everyone over the coming months! Thanks for reading


Hi @rich_g!

First of all, welcome; secondly, you might want to get in contact with @AdaTruth.

He’s aiming to produce a Catalyst doc, and he might be interested in sharing it via your YT channel.



thanks for the suggestion! although my platform is small id definitely be willing to lend it to a worthwhile project! I’ll reach out

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Hey Rich welcome!

I help run the NYC Cardano meetup group. As luck would have it we are having one of our fairly regular Sunday Brunch meet ups tomorrow.

Feel free to drop by. The Sunday meetups are pretty informal but have been a lot of fun and a good way to get to know people in the area. We are thinking of ways to bring more value to the NYC community with different educational meetups as we get into the fall and winter.

Hope to see you there or at the next one.


Cool! I’m not sure if I can make tomorrow but I will definitely be attending one soon! I have multiple dev friends interested in building something located in the NYC area. Thanks for the invite!

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no problem. Feel free to join the meetup group on the meetup website to get timely notifications of events. We have a monthly zoom meetup as well at the end of every month.

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Promote my pool on your channel :muscle:

Will mean a lot for me and my project


Hi @Rich_G, good to have you in the community!

I am working on a couple of business ideas with some other members. Feel free to DM me.

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Read your website. Looks like a nice pool. I plan to do a staking tutorial maybe I will use yours as the example. Thanks for reaching out! @Alexd1985

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Cool! Will DM

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That will be awesome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::fire::handshake::beers:


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