New to the forum. Greetings.

Hi. My name is Jose. I just registered in the forum and I want to greet all this great community, with which I will be happy to interact. A cordial greeting.


Welcome @josma! Happy to have you. :wave:

Have a look around in our various subcategories, and if you have any questions, let us know. :+1:

Welcome to the forum @josma.

Hello and welcome to this great forum @josma . :slight_smile:

Welcome @josma I am sure you’ll have lots of fun here.

Welcome Josma! :wave: Anything you need, you can count on the community.

Welcome Josma, great to see you on here :wave:

My name is Steven, I am a crypto enthusiast since 2016; one of the main reasons why I like this project is because cardano and IOHK teams are continuously contributing no matter the state of the crypto markets; development seems to be moving along whether people are shorting or buying. I created a stake pool based in Portland OR ( to contribute to the network, but unfortunately by the time I found out about the testnet it was already epoch 34; my ada got stuck on the mainnet therefore it leaves me out of being able to delegate and advertise my pool.