NFT vending machine?

Hey everyone. Wondering if anyone has written a contract that works like a vending machine. I want a user to be able to send ada to the contract, the contract would then mint and send back an NFT and the ada to another address. Then after a certain amount are minted the contract would close.
I’m working on a game that uses the NFT as a character and a vending machine to sell the NFT’s would be perfect. I’ve made these using solidity so I understand the basics for NFTs but I’m not at all interested in launching on a evm chain. The easier the onboarding for users the better. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, you guys are awesome.

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Hello @Alpine

Did you check out NFT-MAKER PRO at:

They have mass minting, minting on demand as well as their own developer API that you can imbed in your own application.
Also, for larger projects the creator of NFT-Maker is usually there to help out with launch. :smiley:

Note: I only used them to mint single CNFTs and their vending machine was fast. :+1:


I’m launching a dapp which can do this. Called MintedWithLovelace: if you want to follow the progress. Initial launch of the dapp will be testnet of course and hopefully I can get some eyes on it for auditing, but it will be portable (no webapp) and can be easily configured to do what you want and handles everything for you (image processing/ipfs/json data etc).

edit: alpha should be ready by end of this month.


Hey I seen NFT-Maker but not the pro version. Thank you, this might work perfect!

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This sounds awesome, I’m excited to see it. Added to my watch list!


I am not sure if we can a smart contract that does that… a smart contract will only work In validating transactions, not in making a transaction. So the transaction that sends the ADA must include the minting-output of the nft. If you have all the NFTs minted you can lock them with a contract, and make that the contract will only validate an NFT output if the transaction deposits certain amount of ADA.

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Indeed! Maybe I should clarify to @Alpine that mintedwithlovelace is an offchain dApp which allows you to have an nft minter “in your pocket” (if your pocket can fit a laptop at least for the first release, no mobile) which will interact with smartcontracts for various purposes.

The first smartcontract to come packaged with it is very basic and acts as a global royalty registry when paired with mintedwithlovelace access tokens, which the dApp will mint for you “dynamically” and are tied to your policy hash/wallet, which prove ownership over your policy id and allow any other party/site/etc to validate: your ownership of the policy id, your payment address, the royalties to be paid to that payment address in any secondary market sale. This occurs transparently and 100% onchain. I’ve not settled on whether it should be “flexible” or “locked in” for royalties however. It seems only fair to set the royalty once, rather than allowing a creator to suddenly up the royalty without warning. I’m curious to hear from the NFT creator community on that question?

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Thanks for this clarification. NFT-MAKER PRO I think will be perfect for my initial launch to see if there is interest in my project. I’ve been doing research on the capabilities of Plutus and it’s so exciting.

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mintedwithlovelace looks awesome. I loved the “say goodbye to cli” too haha


Hey! How’s going mintedwithlovelace?

Hi! Going well! Did our prerelease of alpha, now finishing up that code for a stable release before I begin Beta.