Nicolas Cerny - Individual - Introduction

Nicolas Cerny - Individual - Introduction

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Introduce yourself:

  • Username: Nicolas Cerny

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  • Governance Beliefs:

      1. Democratic Governance: I believe in the power of collective decision-making and prefer it over control by a select few. I see the importance of a democratic approach in all forms of governance.
      1. Transparency and Accountability: I hold transparency, accountability, and inclusivity in high regard, as I believe they are foundational to trust and fairness within any system or community.
      1. Protection of Dissenting Views: I understand and advocate for safeguarding the rights and interests of those who hold views that differ from the majority, ensuring that diversity is respected and preserved.
      1. Freedom of Expression and Transaction: I support the right to express opinions and transact on the Cardano protocol freely, emphasizing the significance of permissionless access to a public infrastructure.
      1. Education for Effective Governance: I believe that a well-informed and educated community is essential for sound and effective governance decisions. I view knowledge as a tool that empowers individuals and strengthens collective decision-making.
  • Motivation:

    • I registered as a DRep on SanchoNet to primarily test and understand how the new governance features work firsthand. As someone who is generally curious about governance systems and holds a firm belief in the principles of democracy, I see it as my duty to learn as much as I can about the future governance system of Cardano and, at the same time, to share my knowledge and findings with the broader community. I aim to empower the global Cardano community with this knowledge, ensuring they are fully prepared to assume governance responsibilities. I firmly believe in the power of incremental progress—consistent, small steps are the key to achieving our shared vision of a society that upholds individual freedoms and privacy.
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    • SanchoNet
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