NLP Driven Smart Contracts and Knowledge Tools

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Is anyone aware of an existing topic and or initiative involving NLP, embeddings, and or AI in general? I am looking to get some conversations started and explore concepts with anyone interested. I did a quick search within the forum here and didn’t find anything substantial other than the Cogito stable token.

For example, any thoughts on a tool that enables the creation of smart contracts via NLP?

Or a knowledge tool that employs a vectorized embedding of all IOHK/Cardano research papers, chain specifications, API documentation, and reference material enabling AI level searchability and analytics? And or perhaps separate embeddings specific to Plutus, Marlowe, Hydra?

I think synergies between web3 and AI have the ability to bring us to mass adoption faster than we otherwise would - for Cardano in particular.


Developer Portal reviewers are currently evaluating such a tool here; perhaps this discussion will bring to light the state of the art for such things in Cardano, with some highlights of the characteristics that such tools should (or shouldn’t) have:

Note there could well be something better out there for natural-language driven smart contract authoring. I would definitely appreciate finding anything open source which assisted in any stage of this process. :face_with_monocle:

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Thanks for the heads up! I will check it out

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MazzumaGPT looks like it has some potential for smart contracts. I am curious as to how they are handling validation of GPT output.

I recently began experimenting with a document based embedding that is largely Medicare and PCI compliance related but also includes IOHK research papers and the Plutus apps SDK.

I think AI could be the missing link between the masses and the complexities of blockchain and Cardano in particular.

Node resource requirements must also be solved but that’s a different conversation.

The demo is at for the time being. If anyone is interested in working on an initiative, please DM me and I will invite you to the repo which is private for the time being.

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