Node and relays dying

my relays and the node producer died, I don’t understand what can be. they start running and after dies.

hi, I’m troubleshooting doubled memory but I see that CPU is now a bottleneck in the producer.
in the relay its not more than 56% usage.

This thing can kill the process right?

solved for now, I increased my memory and I’ll monitor this CPU thing. I was monitory in the VPS and somewhat had some spikes in CPU for nothing.
thank you

It seems that relays needs more than 4GB mem to prevent OOM.

I also had to increase the memory on my Relay2. The problem occurred only on my second relay. I will watch it, maybe 4GB is just not enough anymore. The High CPU Usage went down after syncing.

I doubled producer and relay to 8GB now they run like a champ no stop since yesterday