Node crashing

Every now and then I find a relay has crashed. It’s not always the same one.

The attached image is what I find. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Does it happen to anyone else?


This is not a definitive answer, but the only time I’ve ever seen a Killed message for cardano-node (without me killing it) was when it was running out of memory.

At the time (early Shelley days) I had to add 5 to 8 gig of swap space to a 4 gig RAM machine for those abrupt terminations to stop. The node has gotten a lot more memory efficient since then, but still might require peaks of RAM usage from time to time… so that’s something that could be killing your node process if you’re ruled out signals that might be sent by other programs & scripts.


You’re correct, not enough memory was the problem. Thanks.

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This is not related to your issue, but just an observation - I would discourage you to run any kind of software as root to minimize access in case of a vulnerability being discovered.
If a new exploit is found in a software and this service is running as root, the potential attacker can get root access to your machine by exploiting this service.
Please make sure to always create a non-privileged account to run your services.