Noob question regarding checking my balance / stake-pool-course

Hi There,

My first post here! I just got the node installed using the cardano-foundation stake-pool-course.
I created an keys, an address and got some coins from the faucet sent to it.

However, I can’t check the balance of my address. The guide tells me to use:

cardano-cli query utxo
–address $(cat payment.addr)
–testnet-magic 1097911063

I get the following reply:
Shelley command failed: query utxo Error: A query from a certain era was applied to a ledger from a different era: EraMismatch {ledgerEraName = “Shelley”, otherEraName = “Allegra”}

Is the guide outdated, does it matter that the node is still syncing or am I doing something wrong here?

Thanks for the support!


We are not in Allegra era anymore; try with Mary-era


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Perfect! That did the trick!

cardano-cli query utxo
–address $(cat payment.addr)
–testnet-magic 1097911063