Number of connections for Block Producing Node

Stupid question, but I have got my relay node and block producing node up and running (pool registered, deposit fee sent, pledge done etc.)

My relay node has 5 out and 23 in so seems healthy enough, but my block producing node only has 1 out (relay node, which makes sense) but no connections in. Should it have a connection in, i.e. from the relay node? Or does the block producing node only connection out once to the relay node?


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Just to answer my question, as I figured out what was wrong. There should be an in and an out. I had mistyped my block producing node ip address in the relay node topology. I got the relay node address right on the block producing node and it was going out to the relay node, but the relay node wasn’t going back to the block producing node because of my mistype.

Hopefully my nodes behave better now.

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U should run topology updater on the relay, and yes add the Producer IP in the topology updater script


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Hey guys, I know I’m late to the party here. But I’m looking to scale up from one relay to multiple. If I have 2 relays should I have two connections in/out for the BP?

Or if I had 4 relays would my Block Producer show as 4 in & 4 out? Etc?

Yep, it should be one in/one out per relay. Four is a lot of relays though!