NYC Cardano: February Meetup with dLab, Emurgo and Cardano Foundation



Last nights meetup in NYC!

@Nathan_Kaiser, @Donnybaseball, @SebastienGllmt, @garrygolden

Please forgive the quality of the footage, not a cinematographer :blush:. The meeting was recorded, there should be an official version coming out soon!

NYC Cardano meetup 2/13/19 Recap

Thanks for sharing @SeanAlimov!

Yes official video from dLab will be coming so we’ll post once its ready.

I’m sure the community would love to know more if you, any other attendees or @Donnybaseball would like to write a recap in the Meetup category to share on who was there, topics covered, atmosphere :slight_smile:


Thanks Sean - and much better than my amateur selfies :slight_smile:


Thank you Sean! Working on the recap now.



It was a pleasure getting to know some of the community in person at the event. Looking forward to meeting more of you in future NYC events too :ok_hand:


Thank you for sharing these with the community @SeanAlimov! I will move this post into our meetup section :slight_smile:


thanks for posting.


Thank you, Sean!


Great to meet everyone! We look forward to hosting future events @ dLab!