Odd issue where port had disappeared before wallet registration

nano env file… or try to comment the ekg line

well, time fixed the ekg port issue but then it reverted to the same can’t find node issue. What is the script that actually creates the node0.node file? There is a node0.json file in the logs folder, and a node0-(currentdate) file as well. But no where can I find a script that would help me reactivate the node0 file. I imagine the issue is one that is linked to cntools freaking out due to a double instance but I can’t find a second instance anywheres.

Basically node0.node doesn’t exist in my producer and broken relay where it exists in my working relay. What would generate that file?

The node-socket will be created whren the server start and should be located in socket folder

sudo systemctl status cnode


journalctl -e -f -u cnode.service


journal error:

landocardano cnode[890312]: cardano-node: Failure while attempting to remove the stale local socket: /opt/cardano/cnode/logs : /opt/cardano/cnode/logs: removeLink: inappropriate type (Is a directory)

Can u show me ur env file?


this is where the node0.node file lives on the working relay

Ok, try to comment the line… stop the node and try to run the script manually

sudo systemctl stop cnode

Go to scripts folder and run



and it’s commented out in the working relay



I really appreciate your help Alex, you’re a legend. currently both producer and relay are “listening on anativeipaddress:port”

how long does ./cnode.sh take to run?

What do u mean?
what is the output after the command?


Ok, stop it and run again… do u see the socket warning?


Nope, run again the ./cnode.sh

and the relay Listening on
./cnode.sh: line 51: 319013 Killed cardano-node run --topology “{TOPOLOGY}" --config "{CONFIG}” --database-path “{DB_DIR}" --socket-path "{CARDANO_NODE_SOCKET_PATH}” --host-addr --port ${CNODE_PORT}

So… none of ur nodes not starting the glive?

only one relay node is, the other two are still having issues