Official Docker Cardano-node : How to run gLiveView, leaderlog with Docker Setup

I am trying to setup a testnet relay node through official docker image.

Now i am wondering how can i run basic utility tools (gLiveView, cncli leaderlog, cncli sync, cntools etc) which i could do easily with a regular cardano node ?


Hi NirmalSingh, I had the same problem and now I am trying with docker Image of Cardano-Community. This image has this tools.

How you set up network for your docker?

I have docker with host network and cncli works with it without any issue, because it is same as it would be run without docker. You can access cardano-cli from inside docker something like “docker exec -ti cardano-node /usr/local/bin/cardano-cli”. I got glLiveView to work too, but GUI looked all messed up, so I do not use it, I think metrics in grafana has same info. For gLiveView if you want to try to set up, I would recommend to have volume for socket and maybe for DB, I don’t remember already. And then you need to update ENV file properly.

Problem with unofficial images is that anybody can put anything there. Or you should have very deep understanding what is exactly inside that Docker file, I’m not saying that those particular docker files are bad or compromised, my point is that you should be 100% sure that what you are getting are free from malware. Imagine if github account of that user will become compromised at some point.

Other option would be to write your own Dockerfile, but I personally choose to use oficial images, even if I can’t use gLiveView

Yes, I’m agree with you, but the docker version “cardano-community” I think is trusted because they have all code in github and every person can revised the code.

@NirmalSingh did you solve this problem? i also can’t solve this yet.

hi @NirmalSingh

CNCLI has a new version (5.0.1) and new web. Did you find how to connect your docker-cardano-node with this tools?


CNCLI has different options and features(sync, ping, validate and etc)

Probably, what you are looking for is to sync and then run leaderlog. For sync you need remote node, so as far as your node is accessible on particular IP & port it doesn’t matter if node is in docker or not. Then you can run leaderlog on any linux machine as far as it has necessary keys and synced cncli DB.

In nutshell, you don’t need to do anything specific for CNCLI if you run your node in docker. If you have some problems with cncli and your node in docker, please let me know, I will try to help.