Ongoing SCAM in Youtube and Website

New fake x2 Giveaway. Woke up stupid and greedy and gave them lots of my ADA. I deserve it for greedy stupid. Criying and LOLing and slaping my own face at the same time. Can’t belive how I avoid a lot of scams and felt into this one.

The fake livestream is stil running by now, and the website is online by now.

SCAM adress where they got people’s ADA’s and also mine: addr1q9hms748h04n0p9dg4dwt7ltgrv20e8zd8a0cqtqcr02fkr0hpa20wltx7z26326uha7ksxc5ljwy606lsqkpsx75nvqeth9dh

To proof:
[Link removed by @Zyroxa]
this [Link removed by @Zyroxa]

There are dozens of such streams/scams around…

If you want to report them you can do that here Report a YouTube fraud/ give away scam video - #327 by DucTiger.


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I sent it to Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau.
Now it is verified by the Bureau and it’s “Take Down Request Issued”.
I know there is no way to recover any of my founds, just want to prevent more people to be scamed.
I posted also this alert on twitter, Cardano Community and Cardano Foundation accounts. And also in the account of my pool manager. Time to rebuild my investment, step by step, once again.

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It’s just a waste of time to track the scammers adress?
What’s their expected behaviour ?

Not necessarily, the funds could end up on a centralized exchange. It can be a time-consuming activity though. It’s what cryptoassets analytics platforms are made for, e.g. CipherTrace, Chainalysis, GraphSense.

Regarding what matter specifically ? I mean it’s the same for any person that stole currencies I presume, at some point they are bound to use it or launder it. Which is why I suggested the CF to maintain a kind of blacklist, to no avail. No matter how many times a scammer changes addresses, as transactions are public by design it’s always possible to track them, even through mixers and coin joins (already done with Bitcoin). Although it will be harder once we have smart contracts and DEX in place.

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Thanks for your answer raph_cardano.

But, what a centraliced exchange can do? What they did before with scamed funds?
After all the scam performance, I don’t think they are so stupid to send it to binance, coinbase or huobi…

Would the Cardano Fraud Bureau mark this adress as a veryfied scam one, and share it with them?

I feel pathethic triying to do something. Sorry. Takes time to accept that I got scamed.

Freeze the assets, you mainly need a court order for that.

First, you’d be amazed by their lack of foresight sometimes, second, given the huge amount of ADA on some scammer’s wallet, they’re clearly not clever enough to know how to properly launder. Sadly we will soon make it easier for them. And as Charles Hoskinson reminded in this video (posted by @napoles ) sometimes they scam the “wrong people”. Ironically enough they’re sometimes the very same persons that could have helped them with laundering. Who knows when one of those will catch a Vory v zakone in his net ?

You’d have to ask them for the details, I do not know their procedure. But you have a list of already reported websites and YT channels on Jira Service Management

No reason to, it would be pathetic not to even try. You cannot win every fight but you never win a fight by giving up.

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Thanks again.
Anyway I think it’s impossible the scammers send the funds back.

At least the scam youtube stream is already down and the scam adress is not getting more trx’s.

I’m triying to get ready for a complicated night…

Of course not, why would they ? It’s the whole point of freezing the assets or arresting them when laundering. Transactions are irreversible on the blockchain but the world does not limit itself to the blockchain.

Good point, I don’t there is much more you can do for tonight. A legal procedure will take time.

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fresh scam shoved on my telegram about excited people got free ada
link leads to website [Link removed by @napoles]
to this adress : addr1qx6cg0slw06qkf7pldykhv00ldf66uzr3cx7amtk4csy4agv768qgaqrep8l9xcsfealvwnvw9572w2dd63g8jwzdfasdhwj0m

so beware and dont get scammed