Online makerspace looking for Beta testers + Bug hunters

Project introduction
Name: Youblob
Description: Online makerspace
Discord: Youblob
Please join the Discord, as you need to report your tickets through that channel.

We are looking for beta testers and bug hunters to test/verify our solution
Reason: Community building / First movers
Project scope: From now, up until Q1 - 2023; Release of production ready website

Incentives for our Beta testers + Bug hunters
Feature requests:
If your proposal is added to the development pipeline;
Incentive feature: 10.000 TINK
Maker feature: 1.000 TINK
Organization feature: 500 TINK
Distributor feature: 500 TINK
Company feature: 500 TINK
General feature: 250 TINK

Bug/Issue requests:
Exploitation bug around Smart Contract/back-end system: 10.000 TINK
Critical bug: 1000 TINK
Major bug: 500 TINK
Minor bug: 250 TINK

Referral new Beta testers
100 TINK pr User - (Use the referral function from user admin panel when logged in)