Paper Wallet time frame


I want to give my family members paper wallets with ADA balances already on them for Christmas. I know that there are plans to do this in the roadmap, but I am curious if anyone knows if this will be done by Christmas?


Hi @Patrick_Cruse.

Paper wallet will be available in Q2 2018. So not yet.


Great. Thanks. Can you think of another solution to gift ADA to complete crypto novices? I’d like for them to have something tangible that they could just store for 5 years until they decide to do something with it. I’ve made a second wallet within Deadalus and sent it some ADA. I have the private keys and password for it. Could I just give them the private keys? If they had the keys could they download Deadalus on their computer and import the private keys to it and access their balance?


Yes you can do that. Or you can make an own paper wallet. With the balances that you are going to give them (so you desing it yourself) and give that as present for now. Then later on when the real paper wallet come out. You make those and give them the real ones.


Absolutely. I did it with a family member.
1- Install Daedalus on your computer
2- Create as many wallets as you have family members to offer these gifts to
3- Carefully write down and store safely their Private Keys (the 12 secret words) for each of the wallets
4- Spread the ADAs gifts on all these wallets “Receive” addresses
5- Offer your family the private keys as gifts :slight_smile:
6- Instruct your family members how to install Daedalus, and they should use the “Restore Wallet” option
7- That’s where they enter their private key and recover their wallets with the surprise amount in them.



Perfect. This is the answer I was looking for. Thanks, CosmosX.


With the ADA accumulation during December, it appears many of us ADA longs are providing Christmas gifts for our confused family and friends.

lol, it will become more funny next year when the surprise really sinks in for them.