Playground: State Machine error and current state

When trying to implement state machine having the bytestring as state in online plutus playground I’m getting a compilation error:

GHC Core to PLC plugin: Error: Reference to a name which is not a local, a builtin, or an external INLINABLE function: Variable Data.ByteString.Lazy.Internal.eq No unfolding Context: Compiling definition of: Main.dtxTransition Context: Compiling definition of: Main.stateMachine Context: Compiling expr at “main:Main:(70,8)-(71,50)”

I am guessing that the state machine is not fully implemented in plutus playground. Is there at least some part of functioning state machine present (some data type possible for state) or is there a way to implement a similar one with 8 constant states in online plutus playground? Does the implementation in the local version make a change?