Poll: Anonymity of stakepool owners

I’m curious about the number of people who might feel they’d like to know who is behind a stakepool. Would you be more likely to delegate to a pool if you know who’s running it, or would it make no difference?

  • Prefer to know real world identities
  • Don’t mind if owners are anonymous

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This is an interesting Poll @RobJF.

I’m more likely to pick a stakepool if I know the owner, more so I don’t pick a pool owned by organisations like exchanges. I think it’s also a good idea to support stakepools that are not run by the Cardano entities.

I know who I will be staking with, to begin with at least. However, I probably wouldn’t really mind if a stakepool has low fees and 100% uptime.


Not all of them, but the most influential.

Sorry Rodrigo but I’m not sure what you mean, could you expand a little?

Do you mean you’d want to know who the owners are of the most ‘influential’ (top rated) pools? :slight_smile:

In general, I’d be fine and happy with the pool’s health stats and let the reputation system speak for itself.


It seems from this pool that a good mix of pools are generally welcome!

I agree with Rodrigo on this too

It would be better to know who is running the stake pools, but people have the right to protect their identity


I tried to make it clear this is about personal preference, whether owner anonymity would affect your decision to use a particular pool. So not about what you think would be good for the ecosystem. I was hoping the poll might help pool ops decide whether or not to reveal their identity.


If I had a pool I’d probably remain anonymous. It’s a dangerous world.


The ownership and pledge is not always coming from the public figure of a pool. That’s our solution anyway.


Nevertheless all things are related. The identity of an entity moving a pool , whether living or CORPS , is irrelevant when the outcome is found wanting.

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