Port Forwarding Issue (port still closed)

Hello Cardano Community. Here’s my situation

My stake pool is registered on adapools ([EDU1] The Cambridge Alliance | Cardano Staking) however I can’t open the port of my ip address (3002) for my bp to publicly communicate with my relay.

As you can see in the ‘about’ tab, my connection is red, not green.

I have port forwarded from the xfinity app (ensuring the relay’s ip had port 3002 open) however it is clear to me that I must open port 3002 for the ip of the main router (which is provided by curl ifconfig.me) - I have also done the tutorials on port forwarding through ufw and allowing access to these ports.

I used portchecker.com & and canyouseeme.org and both the public ip’s port 3002 is closed along with the relay device’s ip and port 3002.

I am very lost on how to successfully open port 3002 on the correct ip address and then confirm by using one of the links I listed above.

Please advise.


Yes, but u opened the port 3002 on ur nodes?
Try sudo ufw status


Yes. I have pictures of the outputs for both relay & BP. Is there an email I could reach you at?

U can dm here… click on my username and click on anvelope

The port is closed

Port 3002 is closed on

Perhaps u have another fw on cloud which should be configured to accept connections on port 3002

And u pledge 1M ADA? It was a error? Or…

I do not see the envelope anywhere…

I have DMed you. Thanks in advance alex! If others are having this issue - I will make post here explaining how we were able to fix

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