POS algorithm

Good day!
When POS will start working? And what will % bonus per year for me for being online in POS?

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Hello Vladimir,
The POS algorithm is already working, but in a centralised manner with IOHK, The Cardano Foundation and Emergo currently running the nodes that produce all the blocks on the network. The project will begin the process of decentralisation soon where they will gradually introduce independent staking and it has been stated that we should expect this to happen sometime before the end of Q1 2019.
I have made a cardano staking calculator for demo/educational purposes (we don’t currently know what the final parameter values will be). You can play around with the values to see how they will effect your staking reward, but there is no way of knowing how much your ADA rewards will be until we get more official information.


That’s a cool calculator you got there, isn’t it?



Interesting, going to compare the estimated rewards with the other calculator from Cardano Calc

Do they use different or the same formulas?

to be honest, your project looks very similar to the existing open-source project at https://antipalos.github.io/cardano-calculator/
If you used that formulas, GUI-design or anything else to promote your pool website, a simple but good visible mention and link to the original source should be considered a standard courtesy. not?


Good shout werkof, I already put the following thankful mention and link to vantuz-subhuman project in the about page staking section but realise this is not enough as the page does use the same formula:

The calculator, features, and formula used was heavily inspired by the work from Emergo employee and Cardano extraordinaire: 
vantuz-subhuman, and his [open-source project](https://antipalos.github.io/cardano-calculator/#formula).

To make this more prominent and visible I’ve now also added it to the top paragraph of the staking page too (You may need to hard refresh the page to see the change due to caching).


Thank you, you calculator hero you. :blush: