Privacy of your funds

It occurred to me today that anyone who has your Staking key can view the total balance of your wallet and all of the addresses tied to it. From what I understand the staking key is sent with every transaction you make as well.

Is there a way to hide my balance? Or are separate wallets the better way? I am more than a little uncomfortable with the idea that I could send funds to someone and then they can see exactly how much money I have.

This seems like a serious privacy concern.


Yes, I agree.
My article on topic.


but right now if you delegate to a pool from an address, it means that all the available fund will be delegated. And yes, everybody can see how much is that. But if you do not delegate there is no stake key either.

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It looks like the Ouroboros Crypsinous research project aims to address the staking privacy issue: Ouroboros Crypsinous Privacy Preserving Proof of Stake - YouTube.


This would be good if it is addressed. Thank you for the link.