Private messages

I can’t see a way to send a PM to another user. Is there one, and if not, shouldn’t there be?

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This forum system has features added after using it and gaining experience. For me, I can click your name and click the ‘message’ button.

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Thanks for this information.
After 21 days (as said I lost a lot of days in the unofficial chat) 192 watched threads, 1,3k read messages, 83 received likes, created 1 thread and 55 messages and given 45 likes I’m still not able to PM someone.

What’re the thresholds?

Wow, I don’t really know. I just assumed. Maybe you have to be a mod? Maybe @tom.kelly knows.

can you see the message button in your profile or when you click my name?

I have just changed a setting to allow private messages to be sent by trust level 1 users.

I thought this was already on, but it wasn’t.

Thanks for flagging this up @werkof


no, it looks like this

(don’t worry about the German words, this forum currently ignores the profile settings, and just shows the primary browsers language)

When I compare your profile with mine: You have more days, read time, activities and by far more created threads and posts.

Great. Thank you.
Now I’m able and ready to schedule some tests with @Chainomatic

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No worries @werkof :+1: :grinning:

What is trust level one. PM is a bit dangerous since scammers are running around all the time. Should we set a higher threshold?

oh btw: I’m not yet 100% sure, but I believe during one of my tests I figured out a way to bring Daedalus wallet into an infinite loop (after it has successfully started, connected and synched) Then when you end the app clicking on X on top right, it does start again, with both node on port 8090 and wallet trying to connect but it remains on the connecting startup screen. … I have to reinstall and resynch now in order to understand if it’s replicable…

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good question.
I’m happy to having it now, but it’s also to say that you have to look twice now what is effectively public and private.

I can now see the Message button, thanks people! :slight_smile:

during one of my tests I figured out a way to bring Daedalus wallet into an infinite loop

That’s awesome, that’s exactly what we need! I have been complaining to jeremy earlier about it.
Please let us know what to do! Thanks heaps!