This forum keeps denying me posts

Cant get answers to my questions coz I cannot reply to people trying to help. I waited 24 hours an dnow its telling me the same things after about 5 replies. VERY FRUSTRATING

Im not sure what you mean.

Whats exactly the problem?

I replied a bunch of times to someone trying to help me, last night. after a few replies it said as I am a new user, i cannot post anymore and wait 24 hours. I did. I just started getting help from the same guy and it did the same thing after about 5 replies.

To clarify, i WILL let me start a new post, just not reply to the one I am currently chatting with someone in

I see. With this limitation we are trying to prevent bots from spamming in our forum.

If you have to post multiple posts, you might want to use the DM function in the meantime.

Just got a notice saying I have been raised a trust level and I can now post back to the original thread. So am I good from now on?


DM. got it. thanks

Yep seems so :stuck_out_tongue: