Process to sell tokens received from DripDropz?

I am searching for the process to sell tokens received from DripDropz? I use Yoroi/Ledger wallets and for an exchange.

You probably have to trade them on a DEX like muesliswap for ADA and then sell your ADA on

You will need a decentralised exchange (DEX) supporting the sale of your tokens; there are a few to choose from ( Minswap, Muesliswap, Wingriders). You will also need to be able to connect your wallet to the DEX so you need a compatible Wallet - these wallets have decentralised applicaiton ‘connnectors’ (Dapp connector). So lets say you get a browser extension for eternl wallet, then you need to send your tokens from your yoroi wallet to your new eternl wallet then visit or another DEX. The DEX will prompt you to connect your wallet and then you can sell your tokens through a swap feature on the DEX. There are many videos on youtube and articles explaining this process with detail (

example of compatible wallets: